People from aviation: Smaranda interview Ioana Dragomir, after 2 years

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In 2017, I published a beautiful one interview with Smaranda Ioana Dragomir - first officer (copilot). Smaranda grew up with We have known her since she started pilot school and we have constantly followed her evolution. Today, Smaranda delights us with beautiful photos taken beyond the clouds, from the cockpit.

It's been 2 years since the interview and I thought it was time to see what Smaranda did. We know that it flew a lot and was relocated to different bases and airports, depending on the airline's contracts. But you'll find more in the mini-interview below.

smaranda interview

Smaranda interview Ioana Dragomir

  1. Hi, Smaranda! What have you done in the last 2 years since our last discussion and how has your career path evolved?
    ● Given that our first interview was in 2017, things have evolved quite a lot since then. At the time, I was at the Blue Air base in Iasi, where I flew for about 1,3 years. In Iasi I started to accumulate experience in the field. We had few flights, but we went through different situations. It was an intense period in Iasi. I have had beautiful and experienced colleagues of different nationalities and cultures. I flew with commanders and instructors from whom I learned a lot in a relatively short time. In this area, every day of flight you learn something from the different situations that you are experiencing. Towards the end of 2018, when I was still in Iasi and preparing to transfer to Bucharest, the professional road took me to Warsaw from where I flew for LOT.
  2. I know you flew for LOT, Montenegro Airlines and Azores Airlines. And I also know that you had flights with a completely female crew. How were these experiences for you, for the crew, for the passengers?
    ● I have been to Warsaw 3 times, not for long periods of time. Flight within the Blue Air company and it was a period when I operated LOT flights with Blue Air planes and crew. Then followed the period in the Azores - Ponta Delgada, with flights for Azores Airlines. I was a Blue Air crew, with Commander Borzea Vlad. I flew to Lisbon and Frankfurt. It was a new experience for me and with new procedures, but the Azores is an absolutely fabulous destination. And in 2019 I was relocated to Potgorica for Montenegro Airlines. Here I formed a completely female crew, and in the cockpit I flew with Commander Preda Cristina. It was a
    Great experience for us and our CRM worked great. On this occasion, I want to thank him once again for the trust he had in me on every flight and, especially, for knowing how to make me trust me in different situations. Every contract was different in its own way. Then followed another beautiful experience, at the end of 2019, when I took one of the Blue Air planes to the United States. It was an undeniable opportunity. I flew with Commander Vlad Borzea to Tucson-Arizona, at the helm of the 737-800 YR-BMD aircraft. A representative from the technician was with us.
  3. We can say that they were 2 years intense, with many flights, unique experiences and unique moments. What are your future plans?
    ● So far I have counted over 2.500 hours of flight and I am very happy because I am part of a team of professional, beautiful, experienced people. My plans for the future have remained the same. Accumulate the hours needed to make the step to the left seat. I want to become an aircraft commander, but I definitely have a lot to learn.
Smaranda 2020 interview

It was a brief discussion. We thank Smaranda for sharing with us the pilot experience. I hope the story of Smaranda inspires you, encourages you and you get on the plane.

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