More than 100 Aeroflot employees are accused of smuggling iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch

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An investigation by the FBI, the Customs and Border Protection Bureau and other government agencies has revealed a $ 50 million smuggling of electronic goods. The investigation led to more than 100 Aeroflot Airlines employees, who were involved in this smuggling of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch in Russia.

The United States revoked the visas of 113 Aeroflot employees involved in smuggling millions of dollars. Most smuggled electronic devices, including iPhones, iPads and Apple watches, were reportedly stolen.

In a statement, attorney Seth DuCharme mentioned: "The defendants were members of an international smuggling network. A network of operators in the United States and Russia was used to circumvent US laws and regulations on the export of electronic goods. "

Following the investigation, 10 people living in Brooklyn and Moscow were accused of transporting stolen goods, lack of export information, illegal export of electronic devices.

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