More than 270.000 passengers have been repatriated by the Air France group in the last month

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Over the past month, Air France's operations around the world have focused on the repatriation of citizens from different states and the transport of medical products and equipment. More than 270.000 passengers were transported, including 150.000 French citizens. 7 flights are operated weekly between China and France to ensure the transport of medical equipment needed to fight COVID-19. 

150.000 French citizens managed to return home thanks to Air France and Transavia

As of March 14, 2020, Air France and Transavia have operated more than 1.800 flights from 132 airports in 82 countries, ensuring the repatriation of more than 270.000 passengers, including 150.000 French citizens. In a severely deteriorating economic environment and at a time when most aircraft had to take off from Paris without passengers, Air France and Transavia created special fixed fares for the repatriation of passengers.

Repatriation operations are nearing completion in most regions, with the exception of some areas such as North Africa, where demand remains high, despite more than 200 flights already operated. To meet this need, Air France will provide a few more flights in the coming weeks, subject to obtaining the necessary authorizations.

Flights operated to ensure territorial continuity and transport of equipment and medical goods essential for crisis management

Air France's activity is now focused on implementing a minimum flight schedule, equivalent to approximately 5% of the capacity normally offered. This is intended, on the one hand, to maintain territorial continuity in the major French cities and overseas territories, and, on the other hand, to keep in touch with major European and world metropolises by ensuring the transport of passengers and goods.

Air France is also actively involved in air transport between China and France, helping to bring masks and medical equipment. 7 flights are operated weekly using Boeing 777 cargo planes and Boeing 777 aircraft commonly used for passenger transport. The transported materials are stored in the warehouses and cabins of the aircraft.

The implementation of this repatriation and operational continuity plan was made possible by the joint commitment of all Air France and Transavia crews, ground staff, pilots and flight attendants, who are proud to contribute to the national effort.

Social distancing

Currently, most flights operated by Air France are not operated at full capacity to allow for social distancing. In cases where social distancing is not possible, Air France crews distribute masks at the entrance to the aircraft for passengers who do not already have them on.

Following the decisions of the local authorities, for flights to Canada, Los Angeles and New York, Air France informs that it is mandatory for passengers to wear a protective mask or an equivalent element when leaving Paris. These new measures also apply to passengers departing from these destinations, checking in at the airport and boarding the aircraft, if the social distance cannot be respected.

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