Maya Bay Beach in Thailand will reopen for tourists

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Four years after its closure, Maya Bay, the famous beach from The Beach in which Leonardo DiCaprio also starred, will reopen to visitors starting January 1, 2022. Maya Bay is also known for its stepped beach, clear turquoise waters and sand. white.

Maya Bay is part of Hat Noppharat National Park - Mu Ko Phi Phi. Even for Hollywood, the place is recognized as a tropical paradise. In 2018, before being closed to the visiting public, Maya Bay attracted more than 6000 people every day.

With only 15 meters wide and 250 meters long, the relatively small bay was the victim of its own popularity. Visitors left tons of garbage behind, destroyed the ecosystem, and the boat's anchors destroyed up to 50% of the Maya Bay coral, which also led to the closure of the bay.

Initially, the closure of the beach was scheduled for four months, but the revitalization of the fauna and flora of the region took much longer. At the same time, the authorities have implemented the necessary infrastructure to protect it.

The May Bay opening comes with new entry rules for visitors. During the four-year break, the place was cleared of garbage, trees and corals were planted. At the same time, a promenade area was built in order to limit the damage to the sand and fauna. Boats will no longer be allowed to anchor in gold, as tourists can reach May Bay via a floating dock.

May Bay Maintenance Authorities have decided to limit the number of people who can visit the site to 3000 visitors a day.

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