Baggage policy on Animawings charter flights

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animewings, the youngest airline in Romania and among the few specialized in charter flights, to publish the baggage policy on its flights.

Thus, passengers will be able to carry on board the aircraft a hand luggage of 7 kg and measuring 55x40x20 cm. While hold baggage can not exceed 23 kg and dimensions 100x80x30 cm.

Animawings Baggage Policy

For infants (passengers aged 1-24 months), a hold baggage of max. 23 kg (size 100 * 80 * 30 cm) or a folding trolley. Hand luggage will not be accepted, the food needed for this type of passenger during the trip will be transported in the luggage of the accompanying adult.

Exceeding the amount of luggage included is subject to the extra-luggage policy for a fee. For excess baggage or special baggage types, contact the agency in advance. The service is paid and is paid only at the travel agency.

For each piece of additional hold baggage, with a maximum mass of 23 kg / piece, a fee of 35 Euro / flight segment will be charged. A total of up to 4 pieces / flight segment / passenger is allowed.

For the surplus, an additional fee of 15 Euro will be charged, for each piece of hold luggage exceeding 23 kg, but not more than the maximum allowed mass of 32 kg. This fee will be charged only once, regardless of the number of kg in the previous meal range (23-32 kg / piece).

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