The story of Fly Romania - a more airline operator on paper

The story of Fly Romania - a more airline operator on paper

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On 4 March 2014, I wrote the first information about Fly Romania, a new Romanian brand in the local aviation industry. It promised a lot, the plans were great, and the rates very good, even doubtfully attractive. For domestic routes, the tariffs were unique, respectively 69.90 EUR / segment for Bucharest-Timisoara and 49.90 EUR / segment for Bucharest-Tulcea, while the tariffs for international routes started from 29.90 EUR / segment.

On 11 March 2014, at a press conference, Ten Airways has officially launched the Fly Romania brand. From the company, they took the floor: Cătălin Buţu, CEO of Ten Airways; Forget Tender, a majority shareholder of Ten Airways and Roxana Badea, PR Manager.

Fly Romania the operation of domestic and international flights began in mid-May. Initially, the rumors announced as the starting date of April 18, when the Tulcea - Milan (Bergamo) and scheduled routes were scheduled. Bucharest - Tulcea.

And after opening all the promised routes, Fly Romania started canceling flights. During the period 1-15 June 2014, several flights were canceled for commercial reasons. After 15 June, the job got more and more complicated and the cancellations continued, and the passengers started to be rebuilt, others received the money back, but after a long waiting period, etc. But not all of them were so lucky. The complaints on the facebook page did not contain, including the competent authorities.

In the beginning, Ovidiu Tender came out in front and was very associated with the Fly Romania brand, and now he denies it.

After a period of silence (the calm before the storm), during which time no one communicated on behalf of Fly Romania, Ovidiu Tender, a majority shareholder of Ten Airways, began to deny its connection with the Fly Romania brand. During this day, Tender announced the cessation of collaboration with Fly Romania (Mediafax), which owes 400.000 euros to Ten Airways, and comes with a story we don't believe.

“The only shareholder in the company is Cătălin Buţu. The problem was to become shareholders if things went well. At one point, after a month or two, we found out we had a lot of money to make from Fly Romania. Then things started to change. I asked why not pay these amounts. I advised him to resign from my company, because I cannot agree to create a tick next to Ten Airways. He left with everything that operates Fly Romania, which is no longer based in us, ”Tender told Mediafax.

According to the data available at the Trade Register, the company Necessair Consulting SRL, which operates Fly Romania flights, is wholly owned by Cătălin Adrian Buţu, former CEO of Ten Airways (a company belonging to the businessman Ovidiu Tender). Probably due to the bankruptcy of Necessair Consulting SRL, Ten Airways will seek to recover its so-called debt from 400 000 EUR and look so Fly Romania will disappear from the market as quickly as it appeared.

According to a press release issued by Fly Romania, the number of passengers who purchased air tickets is approximately 9400. The number of passengers transported by Fly Romania is 1290, and the number of passengers on other companies is approximately 3500. The number of Fly Romania passengers to receive their money back is approximately 3500. It remains to be seen if even many of them will get the money back.

Below is the official statement sent by Fly Romania:

Fly Romania apologizes to the passengers affected by the cancellation of the flights and offers details regarding the measures taken to resolve the situation.

Fly Romania apologizes to all the passengers who bought tickets for the inconveniences brought by the modification, respectively the cancellation of the flights of the last period. The company also states that all these changes were caused by operational reasons, independent of the will of the company and despite the efforts made in a sustained way.

In these circumstances, Fly Romania makes known the following:
- the reason for canceling the races is operational, the payment processor blocked the payments to Fly Romania, without notice, motivating an unjustified risk assessment based on the degree of loading of the flights. The lack of funds led to the impossibility of operating the flights, generating an immediate decrease of the confidence of the passengers and respectively of the cessation of sales.

- additionally, a sub-dimension of the marketing budget and an aggressive competition campaign, contributed to the decrease of sales.

- all the passengers affected by the cancellation of the flights under the legal term of 14 days were canceled on the available Fly Romania flights or on flights operated by other companies and / or received the money back for the purchased tickets, according to the European regulations in force.

- the process of reimbursement of the value of the tickets for the non-performed flights is in progress and all the passengers will receive their money back as the online payment processor will release them after the preliminary verification of the bank data of the used cards. different from the processor that audits the monthly receipts.

- Fly Romania Bucharest-Antalya flights were not interrupted and are operated in partnership with Air Bucharest, under the same conditions of transport.

- in the following days a meeting will be held with the representatives of the payment processor to unlock the related amounts.

- the number of passengers who have purchased Fly Romania tickets is about 9400 (on average a regular flight operator from Romania transports approximately 6000 passengers / day).

- the number of passengers transported by Fly Romania is 1290

- the number of Fly Romania passengers on other companies is about 3500

- the number of Fly Romania passengers to be reimbursed is approximately 3500

- the number of Fly Romania passengers fully or partially reimbursed is 1.110

- it is further analyzed to find a transport solution for the passengers of the following period

We continue our efforts to solve the problems that have arisen and express our optimism regarding the resolution of the situation as quickly as possible and the resumption of the normal flight program.

In our opinion, things were premeditated. Initially I believed in this brand, we were really excited about the announced routes and fares, especially the routes to and from Tulcea. But we quickly returned to the first canceled flights. I didn't expect it to happen so quickly.

  1. just-me says

    I would have liked to be a successful business, Tulcea (the area itself, not necessarily the airport) has enormous potential.
    I was skeptical at first, I did not express my doubts in the hope that I was wrong and that something very strong will be born, but it seems that ...

    I hope that another airline will introduce flights from / to Tulcea, at least seasonally during the summer and I hope there will be several charter flights (with tourists, foreigners preferred) landing in the Delta. It is one of the areas that can be greatly developed and has an extraordinary advantage, a relatively close airport.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Totally agree! The area has potential ... Let's hope that more flights will appear from / to Tulcea with the modernization of the treadmills, runway, bollards etc. The train station looks great.

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