Aircraft accident details Embraer E190 (XA-GAL) Aeromexico (photo / video)

Aircraft accident details Embraer E190 (XA-GAL) Aeromexico (photo / video)

On 31 July, at approximately 15: 30 local time in Mexico, the Embraer E190 (XA-GAL) Aeromexico aircraft was involved in a plane crash. As a result, 49 people suffered injuries and were hospitalized.

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On 31 July, around 15: 30 (local time in Mexico), around 23: 30 (Romanian time), the Embraer E190 (XA-GAL) Aeroméxico Connect crashed shortly after take-off. There were 103 persons (99 passengers and 4 crew members).

Initially, 101 people were reported on board. To the happiness of all, no deceased persons were registered. Only 49 of the occupants suffered injuries that required hospitalization.

Aviation crash Embraer E190 (XA-GAL) Aeromexico

In the first part of the day, the Embraer E190 (XA-GAL) aircraft operated the AM2430 flight from Mexico City to Durango. It landed at its destination around 14: 10, with 23 minutes ahead of time. While the plane was ready for the return flight AM2431 (Durango - Mexico City), the weather worsened greatly, with cumulus cloud ceiling up to 2500 ft. Around 15: 15, a heavy thunderstorm occurred in Durango, with the temperature dropping from 28 degrees to 20 degrees.



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Around 15: 30, Embraer E190 (XA-GAL) Aeroméxico Connect started running on the runway for take-off, with a slight delay compared to the scheduled time. Due to strong wind gusts, the aircraft failed to reach altitude, falling and hitting the ground for the first time with the left wing, at which point the engine detached.

One passenger caught the moment of impact with the ground. Thus, the aircraft fell to 380 meters from the runway threshold and to 320 meters from the concrete side of the runway, to the left of its central axis.

Immediately after the crash, passengers managed to sneak out of the plane, just before the violent outbreak of the fire. Authorities say that 2 people are in a more serious but stable condition, and other 47 people have minor injuries. Some of those on board were able to get out on their own. Mexican authorities say it was a miracle.

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