Through the automatic process, Wizz Air refunds the money in one week to the passengers

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Wizz Air, the fastest growing airline in Europe, notes that its automatic refund process handles 95% of cash-on-demand refund requests in just one week.

Wizz Air launched its automated reimbursement process in May last year to deal with the unprecedented number of cancellations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, with the airline experiencing a 3000% increase in reimbursement claims in 2020 compared to from 2019.

The automatic process means that for passengers whose flights have been canceled, based on the option selected by the customer, Wizz Air will automatically reimburse 120% of the initial fare but in the form of a company credit or offer passengers the option of 100% cash refund to their initial payment method or the option to book a new free flight. Passengers can easily claim this refund with a single click on their Wizz Air account on or by accessing the link received by email.

Wizz Air always encourages travelers to book directly from or through the airline's mobile app, so refunds can be processed as quickly as possible. When bookings are made through online booking platforms, Wizz Air cannot contact the passenger directly about the relevant refund options, as the owner of the booking is not the passenger, but the platform through which the tickets were purchased. As a result, the compensation may be deferred. Passengers who have booked tickets through online travel booking platforms have no choice but to rely on the actions of the booking owner. Each online travel booking platform has different ways of handling refund requests, which are not under the influence and control of Wizz Air.

For an additional protection measure during this uncertain period, passengers can purchase the additional WIZZ Flex service together with the plane tickets, which allows them to change their reservation for maximum flexibility. By doing so, passengers can cancel their flight up to 3 hours before departure free of charge and can receive 100% of the original fare repaid immediately on the airline's credit, as well as change dates and even routes an unlimited number of times.

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