Dominican Republic reported record number of tourists in 2022

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In August 2022, the Dominican Republic reported a record number of tourists, well above the same period in the grace year 2019. In August 2022, 716.645 foreign tourists traveled to the Dominican Republic (the figures also include 94.792 cruise passengers). The values ​​exceeded the data of August 2019 by more than 200 thousand people and became the best for this month in the history of tourism in the Dominican Republic.


This is proven by the statements of the country's president, Luis Abinader, and the minister of tourism, David Collado.

In just 8 months of the current year, they traveled in Dominican Republic approximately 5.65 million tourists and non-residents. Such data allow us to say that the tourist flow at the end of 2022 has every chance to exceed the value of 2019 when the Dominican Republic received almost 6,5 million tourists.

We remind you that the country has canceled all entry restrictions for foreign tourists and returned recreation conditions to pre-pandemic conditions. Even thousands of Romanians chose the Dominican Republic for their vacations. Let's not forget that contest shows"I'm famous, get me out of here" and "Survivor Romania” were filmed in the Dominican Republic.

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