AirlinesTravel's 2021 retrospective: 4.5 million pages viewed, hundreds of articles published and thousands of new fans!

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2021 was a year ruled by the new coronavirus pandemic. It continued to affect tourism, aviation, and related industries. Many states have continued to impose restrictive travel measures, restrict travel or make them conditional on the EU COVID-19 digital certificate.

The AirlinesTravel team continued to work mainly from home, but we traveled a bit more than in 2020. In the year that has just ended, we managed to take a few vacations in Romania, in the mountains and at sea. I've been to Italy, Holland, Germany. We continue to protect ourselves and we protect ourselves from COVID-19. We respect the measures of the authorities and limit the interactions with people outside the family.

At the same time, we've worked hard to keep you connected to all the news around the world. 2021 was a pretty difficult year for I started the year with two colleagues who are passionate about aviation, airplanes and travel: Teodor Coman (passionate about flying and airplanes) and Cristina Mihai-Marin (passionate about travel, tourism and aviation). But the year 2021 has brought other less positive transformations. Unfortunately, things do not always go the way we want. But let's present some concrete figures!


In 2021, was visited by over 2 million people, who browsed approximately 4.5 million pages. This shows that the information provided by the AirlinesTravel team was in high demand. However, 2021 was a year of declining numbers compared to 2020, but this makes us ambitious and come back strong in 2022 :).

In 2021, the AirlinesTravel team has published over 1700 articles, most of them being aviation news and tourism info, many of them related to COVID-19 pandemic. Below are the top 10 most visited articles and pages:

I had days when the site registered over 2000 unique ones simultaneously, without connection problems, on which occasion we thank those at the hosting - VoiceMedia (Marian Sarău). on YouTube

In 2021, channel on YouTube recorded 13900 subscribers and 3.9M new views. In 2021, fans spent 11300 hours watching our videos on YouTube. on Facebook

At the moment, Facebook page has over 51 fans and over 000 followers. In 53, posts reached over 500 million people. Surprisingly, 2021% of the followers of the facebook page are women, most of them between 4.2 and 60 years old. Instead instagram is followed by 51.2% of men aged between 25 and 35 years.

Thank you!

Thank you all for trusting us in the information provided (often for the first time) and for reading us constantly. You have made 2021 a remarkable year in the history of Thanks to you, those of you who read us, the team went over the isolation, restrictions and all the inconveniences caused by the new coronavirus more easily.

Thanks to your friends and partners at: Libra WebCorp, Voicemedia, Flightclaim, Travel Communication Romania, Thinker Media, The PR team, KLM Romania, Wizz Air.

We thank the airlines, airports and travel agencies for choosing to communicate and work with us in this difficult second year of the pandemic. Thank you ASUS Romania because you have been with us for the 9th year in a row!

We look forward to 2022, with many more unknowns ahead. We are preparing new projects on, on YouTube, Facebook. Keep an eye on us! We hope that 2022 will be the way you want it to be. May we be healthy and enjoy flights and travel without restrictions!

Happy Birthday!

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