Romania has entered the Czech green list. Free to travel to the Czech Republic.

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From September 14, 2020, Romania returned to the Czech Green List, with the following traffic regime in force:

  • Romanian citizens can travel to the Czech Republic without any restrictions.
  • Romanian citizens who arrive in the Czech Republic for economic or educational purposes (workers and students) are required to undergo testing for COVID-19 before starting the activities for which they came.

The MFA makes the following clarifications regarding the testing of COVID-19. The testing is done only in the Czech Republic, the Czech authorities do not recognize the results of tests performed abroad.

Provisions on transit through the Czech Republic:  

Romanian citizens traveling to Romania from countries considered by the Czech Republic to be at high risk:

  • by air: they have no obligation provided that they do not leave the airport transit area; 
  • by land: if the transit period is of maximum 12 hours, it is not subject to any conditioning or obligation for the Romanian citizens.

Measures applied internally in the Czech Republic:

  • Participation in public and private events organized indoors is limited to 500 people, and outdoors to 1000 people;
  • From 10 September 2020, the wearing of a mask is mandatory on the territory of the Czech Republic in all interior public spaces.
  • From 1 September 2020, the quarantine and isolation period shall be reduced from 14 to 10 days.

But pay close attention to what Romania will update. At the moment, the Czech Republic is above Romania at the average number of cases per 100 people. In theory, the Czech Republic could enter Romania's yellow list, if the list in question is updated.

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