Romania gives up the rules of travel and entry into the country: without PLF and digital certificate!

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UPDATE March 9, 2022> Chaos with lifting COVID restrictions. The PLF digital form is still required upon entering Romania, despite what Rafila announced. Consequently, fill in the PLF before traveling to Romania or within a maximum of 24 hours after entering Romania.

Initial news March 8, 2022: The Minister of Health details the relaxation measures applied tomorrow: Wearing the mask inside and outside will only be recommended, not mandatory. Upon entering Romania, the Covid electronic certificate will no longer be required. Those who should be in solitary confinement will no longer be checked, he said

The main statements of the Minister of Health: 

  • Once the alert status expires, the restrictions will be lifted. 
  • Last Monday we made a series of proposals for the phasing out of restrictions.
  • We will do recommendation that the impact of the lifting of the measures will not result in an increase in the number of cases.
  • Regarding the measures that are being abandoned: the use of the mask outside and inside will no longer be mandatory. It is necessary, but it will no longer be mandatory, but we will issue recommendations in this regard.
  • There will be no limits on access to public spaces, in terms of opening hours, and at the level of the legislation governing travel, the PLF certificate will no longer be required.
  • Also, the Covid electronic certificate will no longer be required upon entry into the country.
  • We recommend to the citizens: consult the conditions of travel in other states, when you go abroad.
  • We are still in a situation of Community transmission, although the number of cases has decreased significantly. Recent figures urge us to be cautious.
  • We continue to recommend wearing a protective mask in crowded open spaces, in public transport, in closed spaces, in educational institutions - both for teaching and non-teaching staff and for students.
  • Avoiding crowded spaces, washing hands, using disinfectants also remain valid.
  • What will happen to isolation and quarantine? Isolation of a symptomatic person is normal, the same recommendation is for the flu, for example. Isolation is not doubled by control, which will disappear. This does not mean that if the infection is confirmed, we need to spread it quarantine, a CNSU decision is needed and we are waiting to find a solution whether it will continue or not.
  • When someone has a positive diagnosis, they automatically isolate themselves and receive medical leave. To respect the condition of isolation does not necessarily have to come someone to check you, but it is something common sense.
  • Do the test centers remain? Testing remains an essential component of infection control. We cannot hope for a reduction in the number of cases by reducing testing. And the percentage of positivity has decreased, from 35% to 10% this week, so we maintain the testing capacity, including in the sampling centers in Bucharest and in the other few counties where they are still. 

Repeal of COVID laws

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