fbpx #RomaniaAutentica - at Gheorghe's sheepfold, Golcin shepherd

#RomaniaAutentica - at the sheepfold of Gheorghe, the shepherd from Golcin

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During the 7-10 May 2015 period, I went to find out #RomaniaAutentica: The margin of Sibiu and the Hartibaci Valley together with friends and a very nice group of travelers.

Stana ciobanului Gheorghe din Golcin
Shepherd's sheep Gheorghe from Golcin

At Gheorghe's sheepfold

One of the most beautiful experiences I had at his sheepfold Gheorghe din Golcin, near Sibiu. I can say that I discovered that authentic Romania that many tourists are looking for. I also remembered my childhood.

Spre stana lui Gheorghe, ciobanul din Golcin
To Gheorghe's sheep, the shepherd from Golcin

My grandfather, God forbid, was a shepherd and I was raised as a child with traditional goodies: milk, cheese, marmalade, pastrama and everything related to this field. For me this experience was not new, but I have lived with enthusiasm in the memory of the old days.

For us it was fun to hike to the sheep and prepare our own lunch. Our hike started from Casa Soarelui Guesthouse. I walked on the Silver Valley, climbing through the forest until I reached the mountain ridge. Here I came across a place of story with wide hedges and wild cherries, and the next stop was the sheep of Gheorghe Shepherd.

Pe coclauri spre stana lui Gheorghe
On the alleys towards Gheorghe's pond
Pe coclauri spre stana lui Gheorghe
On the alleys towards Gheorghe's pond

Arriving at the sheepfold, we started preparing the meal. We all smoked trying to prepare our skewers with sausages, made polenta and baked shepherd's bulz in the fire. There was no shortage of sweet or savory cheese, bellows cheese, urda and onion. The meal was served on wooden "plates".

bulz ciobanescs pe farfurie
Sheep bulb on the plate
branza pe farfurie
cheese on the plate
bulz ciobanescs copt in jar
baked shepherd's bulb in jar
bulz ciobanescs copt in jar
baked shepherd's bulb in jar
bulz in jar
bulz in jar
masa autentic romaneasca la stana
authentic Romanian meal at the tin

And after a hearty meal, we relaxed on the meadow, under the warm rays of the sun.

Siesta de dupa masa
After lunch

And all this happened because of the two young people from Transylvania Guide Sibiu, Iulian and George, two mountain guides as we have rarely seen in Romania. They took care to get us tired before lunch through the mountain trails, but they were with us and made sure that we were all safe. They accompanied us throughout the trip, took care not to go hungry and guided us professionally in our most beautiful experience.

As I write these lines, you realize that we are all good, but the most important thing is that we have a memory of a different Saturday day, what you and I want. And whenever you intend to step in the footsteps, call these young people with confidence.

There are experiences that are worth living and less told, so I let you follow some pictures from our hiking at Gheorghe's sheep, the Golcin shepherd.

PS For me it was even more enjoyable because I was closer to the clouds and planes.

Contrails - Boeing 787 Qatar Airways
Contrails - Boeing 787 Qatar Airways
Contrails - Boeing 777 Emirates
Contrails - Boeing 777 Emirates


This article was written for infotur “#RomâniaAutentică: The Border of Sibiu and the Hârtibaciului Valley ”organized by TurismMarket.com and Transylvania Guide Sibiu, in partnership with Casa Soarelui Pension, TrampTravel.ro travel agency, TravelWithaSmile.net and with the support of Apfelhaus Pension, Bunica Eugenia Pension, Cornățel School Farm,Sibiu - Agnita Railway, Sibiu-Turism.ro.

The photos were taken with Canon EOS 70D camera from Canon Romania and with Huawei Ascend P7 from Huawei Romania!

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