The Bucharest - Beijing route, announced by TAROM, was postponed until August

The Bucharest - Beijing route, announced by TAROM, has been postponed until August

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TAROM will resume flights to China in August, and will stop two weekly flights on the Bucharest-Beijing route, AFP sources within the airline.

This would be the second postponement, after that the route was initially announced for the end of March 2014. Then the first postponement appeared, rumors indicating the launch of the route somewhere through June 2014, and now it has been postponed until August. As the new TAROM CA shows, I have the impression that the Bucharest - Beijing route will not be launched in August either. It will remain a beautiful dream. In my opinion, Romania needs the direct route Bucharest - Beijing, but TAROM does not think it has the power and logistics needed at this time to support this route.

Going back to the TAROM situation, this is not too pink. On 7 May 2014, the new Board was appointed and a control over the activity of Belgian Christian Heinzmann, CEO of TAROM is announced. In conclusion, Shova politicized TAROM in the interests of the current government. Do you know the saying: "get rid of the hell, yes' stay with yours"? It applies perfectly.

And I return to my first article written for ANAT magazine, in November 2012 - TAROM, Flaps Up!

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  1. Master RA says

    I have commented on this topic. Tarom does not have the power, and at the moment does not need this route. And if politics were to continue to mix, then Tarom would have no power to take this route, and it would be profitable as well.

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