RYANAIR confirms the minimal impact of the strike on flights. Most RYANAIR flights fly according to the operational schedule!

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The strike of RYANAIR employees has a minimal impact on flights because they searched and, most likely, found solutions to operate most flights according to the operational schedule.

Less than 2% of the 3000 flights scheduled for June 24 were canceled and impacted due to the strike. RYANAIR flights were largely affected to / from Brussels South Charleroi and Brussels Airport.

There were no flight interruptions in Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, France or Ireland, as the vast majority of Ryanair crews operate normally. This weekend (June 25 and 26), Ryanair expects a minimal disruption of flight schedules as a result of these announced strikes.

Ryanair expects that over 98% of the 3000 daily flights will normally fly on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

Ryanair is expecting some disruptions on Saturday / Sunday - mainly in France, Italy and Spain - due to a 2-day strike at the air traffic control center in Marseille, which will delay or significantly affect flights flying through French airspace.

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