RYANAIR predicts higher-than-expected losses! RYANAIR suspends several routes in Romania!

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The effects of the Omicron strain are also found in the revenues of airlines and travel agencies, two of the most affected industries in times of pandemic. Thus, RYANAIR states that the net loss will be between 250-450 million EURO, much higher losses than previously estimated between 100-200 million EURO.

At the same time, the total traffic of passengers transported in the fiscal year 2021-2022 will be below the threshold of 100 million, lower than the previous forecast when RYANAIR estimated a little over 100 million passengers transported.

Ryanair said the new Omicron variant and recent travel restrictions in Europe have "significantly reduced Christmas and New Year reservations". These restrictions reduced traffic estimated for December from 10-11 million to 9-9,5 million passengers.

RYANAIR officials added: "This sharp drop in bookings has also led Ryanair to reduce capacity planned for January by 33%."

The reduction in transport capacity in January will lead to a decrease in passenger traffic from about 10 million to 6-7 million. RYANAIR added: "In light of the current uncertainty about the Omicron variant and the restrictions on travel within Europe, the operational program for February or March 2022 has not yet been defined.

RYANAIR will suspend flights on several routes to and from Romania. In January 2022, RYANAIR suspends all routes from Oradea, after January 8th. RYANAIR also makes adjustments from its base in Bucharest, temporarily giving up flights to Italy, Greece, Israel. From Suceava, RYANAIR will suspend flights to Vienna, Dublin, Venice and Manchester. Notable adjustments are also made from Sibiu, RYANAIR suspending flights to Billund, Milan, Bologna, Venice, Brussels and Liverpool.

It is not excluded that in the near future, RYANAIR will make other adjustments of routes or frequencies!

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