RYANAIR, Volotea and easyJet announce a 24-hour strike on June 25 in Italy!

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Passengers traveling to and from Italy next Saturday, June 25, will have to check the condition of their flights. The aviation sector is experiencing strong turbulence following the coronavirus pandemic, and Italy is no exception. 

Last month, unions representing Ryanair staff issued a strike notice calling for better contract terms. The unions representing Volotea and easyJet employees have announced that they will join the approach taken by RYANAIR employees' unions.

On Saturday, June 25, flight attendants and pilots working for Ryanair, Malta Air and CrewLink in Italy will cease operations for 24 hours. The unions say that since the last strike on June 8, nothing has been resolved: " Italian employees demand decent employment contracts, with adequate salaries, in accordance with the wage law ”.

An Italian union, representing Volotea and easyJet employees, announced a 24-hour strike on the same date.

The Ryanair strike on 25 June is part of a much larger strike at European level, in which pilots and flight attendants from Spain, Portugal, France and Belgium will cease operations on 24, 25, 26, 30 June, and between July 1 and 2, 2022.

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