The Vaccination Office at Henri Coanda International Airport in Bucharest opens

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Romania's main air gate - Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport - has, starting Wednesday, 02.06.2021, a vaccination office, which will be available non-stop to those who want to immunize against Covid-19.

The vaccination office is located in the public area of ​​the airport, between the departure and arrival airports, and has all the necessary facilities and facilities for each point in the special circuit created for this purpose: reception area, medical sorting, administration area vaccine, post-vaccination surveillance area.

Janssen serum produced by Johnson & Johnson is used for vaccination, the vaccine being administered in a single dose. Vaccinated people immediately receive proof of immunization.

"The opening of this vaccination office at the airport is a facility that we make available to all those who want to be immunized against this virus. We thus join the national vaccination campaign and support all efforts to stop this pandemic, the effects of which on air transport have been dramatic. Vaccination already allows each of us to travel safely again. CNAB employees will work non-stop to achieve this goal. "- said Cosmin Cătălin Peșteșan, General Manager of the Bucharest National Airports Company.

Within the Vaccination Cabinet, adult persons with Romanian citizenship, as well as foreign citizens residing in Romania can be immunized.

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