The ALNAv2 Wi-Fi system has been certified for the Airbus A320 family of aircraft

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On the aircraft, you must turn off your phones, tablets and other communication systems. The main reason is that certain communication systems can interfere with the aircraft on board the aircraft and unpleasant incidents can occur. No clear cases have been reported so far, but it is better to prevent serious accidents.

And yet we live in the century of speed and technology. So the major aircraft manufacturers have been looking for solutions and developed systems through which passengers can be connected to the internet or the telecommunications network. In the next 5 years we will probably no longer have to close our gadgets, or even be encouraged to use them during the flight.

These days, Airbus announced that the telecommunications and Wi-Fi system - ALNAv2 has also been certified for Airbus A320 aircraft. It started to be developed in 2009 and was installed on A330 / A340 aircraft. Currently, ALNAv2 is compatible with all aircraft models developed by Airbus, and in the future it will be installed on the new A350 XWB.

The ALNAv2 system uses the worldwide Inmarsat SwiftBroadBand (SBB) service and does not affect fuel consumption. The equipment communicates externally through a simple Satcom antenna. So in the future we will be able to use phones and laptops just like on earth - email, browsing, conferences, calls, etc. The equipment is provided by KID-Systeme, and the services are provided by OnAir. More than 30 airlines have requested the installation of the ALNAv2 system on Airbus aircraft in fleets.

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