Slovenia removes all COVID travel rules and restrictions!

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The Slovenian Ministry of the Interior has announced that the requirement to present a vaccination certificate, a negative COVID-19 test result or proof of recovery on arrival has been removed. In addition, the Balkan government has decided to remove the mandatory quarantine requirement for arrivals from other states.

"According to the opinion of the Minister of Health's expert group, Covid-19 is no longer considered a quarantine disease and quarantines are being lifted, which is why there is no longer any reason to restrict entry into the Republic of Slovenia." it is shown in the communiqué published by the Ministry of Interior.

The recent changes by the Slovenian authorities are part of efforts to facilitate the travel process and prevent further damage caused by Coronavirus and its new variants, following the example of other EU countries.

Despite the current situation regarding COVID-19, the authorities of the European Union countries have decided to simplify the travel rules and change the strategy in the fight against COVID, considering the virus more like an endemic disease.

As of 21 February, Slovenia has also lifted restrictions on COVID-19 for shops, services and other businesses. Also, the restrictions imposed on nightclubs and on the opening hours of public catering units, bars, restaurants were lifted.

"It simply came to our notice then. The economy can only function efficiently and intensively if the employees are healthy ", The Minister emphasized this, urging all citizens to continue to act responsibly.

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