Salmon returns to a Boeing 737-800 Alaska Airlines

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After a brief pause, Alaska Airlines announced that it would bring 43 tonnes and 39 meters long salmon to the public. In other words, he will paint a Boeing 737-800 (N560AS) in a King Salmon.

The operator in Alaska is recognized for the aircraft, Boeing 737-400, painted with a salmon and which operated between 2005 and 2011. Last year the livery was eliminated and many supporters were disappointed by the airline's decision.

Here is not too long and the salmon returns, even bigger :). In addition to fish, the new livery will include scales on winglets and the coloring of the Alaska Airlines logo in pink. The decision was made after Alaska Airlines entered into a new partnership with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. Seafood transportation is an important business for the region. In 2011 large quantities of seafood were transported to the United States, arriving in less than 24 hours to their destination.

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