Spain extends the quarantine for non-EU travel until 31 May

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Spain is extending the quarantine for non-EU travel until 31 May due to the current situation. The preventive measures imposed by the country's government were due to expire on April 30, but, nevertheless, the Spanish State Bulletin (BOE) decided to extend them until the end of May, reports

Therefore, travelers entering Spanish territory from countries outside the Schengen area, but also tourists from the United Kingdom and the United States, will not be allowed to travel for tourist purposes in Spain. However, citizens from countries where infection rates are currently low, such as New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Rwanda, China, Thailand and the Hong Kong and Macao regions, will be allowed to enter Spain, despite restrictions. imposed.

Spain extends the quarantine for non-EU travel until 31 May.

Spain's yellow list of countries affected by COVID-19 was drawn up on 30 June last year and has been updated several times since then. On January 28, Japan was excluded from the list. Spanish authorities have announced that they will be ready to reopen the country's borders to international tourism in June. The announcement was confirmed by Spanish Tourism Minister Fernando Valdes Verelst at a conference in Mexico.

The recent decision by the Spanish government will not include Gibraltar, as local authorities have announced that they have vaccinated almost the entire population against coronavirus. Restrictions on travel from Gibraltar to Spain were lifted on 30 March.

Spain is the ninth most affected country in the world by the virus, with a total of 3.540.430 cases since the beginning of the pandemic and 78.293 deaths.

In order to stop the further spread of coronavirus, the Spanish authorities have imposed a restriction on ten-day quarantine for all people arriving from India as the latter has been deeply affected by the virus.

Last month, the country's government announced plans to lift entry restrictions on unnecessary travel from European countries. At the same time, the Spanish authorities have reported that they are trying to extend the existing restrictions on entry into Spain from territories that are severely affected by the virus.

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