UPDATE: Swiss airspace has been opened!

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Update 11:30 - Swiss airspace has been opened. Air operations were resumed a few hours after the airspace was closed due to technical problems.

Initial news: Switzerland's airspace is closed due to a technical issue that has affected the country's air navigation service provider - Skyguide. Although Skyguide did not detail the nature of the "technical failure", it says the airspace was closed for safety reasons.

Eurocontrol claims that the Zurich and Geneva flight information regions have "zero rate" regulations imposed due to "system failure". Skyguide says the malfunction occurred in the early hours of June 15 and will remain in effect until further notice.

"We regret this incident and its consequences for customers, partners and passengers at Geneva and Zurich airports. Skyguide is working to fix the technical problem. "

SWISS says its long-haul flights are being diverted to airports in neighboring countries, including Milan, Vienna and Lyon. Short-haul flights do not take off. "Swiss is committed to finding solutions for passengers affected by this difficult situation." The Zurich airport operator says it is "currently unclear" how long the outage will last.

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