The most famous ski resorts in Bulgaria: Bansko, Pamporovo, Borovets!

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Bulgaria is known for the famous resorts that stretch on the Black Sea coast, south of Romania. It has reached the top of the favorite holiday destinations of Romanians due to its affordable prices and its position very close to Romania. For several years, Bulgaria has been proud of luxury hotels and 5 ***** resorts that compete with famous resorts in Antalya, Turkey.

Ski resorts in Bulgaria

But Bulgaria came to the attention of Romanians also thanks to the mountain resorts: Bansko, Pamporovo, Borovets. The latter is the largest and most developed resort in Bulgaria. It is 72 kilometers from Sofia and is very accessible.


Boroveț is the oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria, being inaugurated in 1896. It is located at 1390 m altitude, in the Rila mountains. Borovets is currently the largest and most modern mountain resort in Bulgaria, followed by Bansko and Pamporovo.

Borovets ski area is located between altitudes 1300m and 2560m. The total length of the slopes is 58 kilometers. 26 slopes with different degrees of difficulty were built. The advanced have four slopes, the beginners have seven slopes, and the rest up to 26 are light and intermediate.

Such a ski area also boasts a vast network of cables. There was a gondola, four chairlifts and seven ski lifts. In Borovets you can practice winter sports such as: skiing; snowboard; biathlon. The resort is open all year round, but in winter it is most lively, easy to understand.


Another mountain resort in Bulgaria is Pamporovo. It is famous and modern, being considered the southernmost mountain resort in Europe. It is located in the heart of the Rhodopi Mountains. Being in the south, Pamporovo is also one of the sunniest mountain resorts in Bulgaria, but there is no shortage of snow. Pamporovo is situated at an altitude of 1650 m. The resort is 240 km from Sofia.

The ski area stretches between altitudes 1650 m and 1926 meters. The length of the slopes is 80 kilometers, the longest slope having 4.2 kilometers. The slopes are for all ages, classified on different degrees of difficulty. Tourists are transported by cable car: eight chairlifts and six ski lifts.

Pamporovo is a resort suitable for families with children, there is a ski school for children between 7 days 11 years and a ski kindergarten for children, ages 4 to 6 years.


Bansko resort is one of the best in the Balkans, not only in Bulgaria. It is located 160 kilometers from Sofia, at the foot of Pirin Mountain. The Bansko ski resort is known for one of the longest slopes in Europe, with a distance of about 16 kilometers. Bansko is increasingly competing with renowned resorts in France and Switzerland, but offers full services at much lower costs.

The ski area stretches between altitudes 925 m and 2600 meters, the total length of the slopes exceeding 70 kilometers. Tourists are transported with the 15 cable installations: a gondola, nine chairlifts and five ski lifts. As in all other mountain resorts in Bulgaria, there are ski and snowboard schools for all ages in Bansko.

In addition to the famous ski resorts mentioned above, there are several other resorts in Bulgaria: Dobriniște; Semkovo; Tsigov Chark; Malyovitsa; Chepelare and more.

Bulgaria is investing significant budgets in ski resorts, with big plans for the coming years. It wants to compete with the big resorts in Italy, France, Austria or Switzerland. He managed to include some resorts in the international ski circuits. Develops training bases for different winter sports. Large hotel chains invest and develop resorts to high standards, with 3 ***, 4 **** and 5 ***** facilities.

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