Survivor Romania 2023, on PRO TV from January 9, 2023!

Survivor Romania will soon return to the small screens! From January 2023, Survivor Romania will be broadcast on Pro TV. The 24 contestants, divided into two camps, went to the Dominican Republic, where they will live the adventure of their lives and fight for the grand prize worth 100 EURO.

The new year brings to the small screens a reality show that will hold your breath and that will make you wince with each edition. From January, only on PRO TV, 24 competitors will be at the start of the new SURVIVOR Romania 2023 season! Survivor can also be watched on

Survivor Romania 2023, on PRO TV from January 9, 2023!

Before leaving for the Dominican Republic, Daniel Pavel, the show's presenter, states: "Believe me you are not 100% ready for what will happen at the beginning of next year. I am looking forward to January to set off again for this unique adventure and to see the brave along the way. ” 

Competitors from Survivor Romania 2022

At the moment, the contestants who will take part in Survivor Romania 2022 have not yet been announced, but we are eagerly waiting to see the 24 contestants who will test their limits for 100 euros. Rumors announce important names in music, sports and the world of film.

Survivor is a reality TV show. The format has become very popular and has been picked up by several television stations around the globe. Survivor is a contest show, in which a group of people is isolated in various wild places and compete with each other for money and other prizes.

The show uses a gradual elimination, in each episode the contestants vote for the exclusion of one of them, until in the end there is only one contestant who wins the title of "Sole Survivor" and the cash prize. The format for this show was created in 1992 by Charlie Parsons and was first used in Sweden in 1997 for the "Expedition Robinson" show.

Good luck to the competitors from Survivor Romania 2023!