Special Air France fares on long courier flights to 13 March 2012

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Air France has prepared a number of special fares for long-haul flights to the Premium Voyageur class. Positioned between Voyageur (Economy) and Affaires (Business) areas, Premium Voyageur offers you with 40% more space and is an ideal choice for both business and personal travel. The promotion is valid until 13 March

Destinations at special rates for the Premium Voyageur class
Montreal NO ONE
Toronto NOW!
Washington NEVER
Johannesburg NEVER
Cape Town NEVER €
Punta Cana 1419 €
Fort de France 1439 €
Havana NEVER €
Beijing NO ONE
Mumbai NEVER €
Bangkok NO ONE
Bangalore ONLY €
Seoul 1319 €
Guangzhou NEVER
Ho Chi Minh City ONLY €
Osaka NEVER €

(1) The fares are for round trip tickets, include airport charges and depart from Bucharest.
(2) Sale until 13 March 2012. Journey to 25 June 2012 For more details, visit our website.
(3) Rates are valid depending on the availability of seats at the time of booking. Currency fluctuations and changes without notice can lead to changes in rates when booking.

Flying Blue members earn 25% more miles for a trip in the Premium Voyageur class.

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