The TAROM company has resumed its flights to Tel Aviv, from January 1, 2024!

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On January 1, 2024, TAROM resumed flights from Bucharest to Tel Aviv. On the first flight, the commander Cătălin Prunariu was at the helm of the plane that reconnected Romania with Israel. The first flight, RO 155, departing from Bucharest, on January 1, landed in Tel Aviv at 23.20.

Our mission is to connect people and transport them safely to their chosen destinations. The atmosphere I felt in the passenger cabin on the flight from Tel Aviv on January 1st spoke to me of resilience and strengthened my faith in the power of every human being to contribute to what we all want and need – peace and harmony. This flight is another step towards normalcy, declares pilot Cătălin Prunariu, TAROM's Flight Director, at the helm of the company's first flight that reconnects Romania with Israel.

The flight on the first day of 2024 marks the resumption of regular Bucharest-Tel Aviv flights, made by TAROM. The company proposes to operate two weekly frequencies (return flights), starting from January 14. This activity, however, requires risk analyses, applied to each race, careful monitoring of the situation in Israel and close communication with the Israeli authorities, in order to stabilize the operation. Currently, depending on the conclusions of the analyzes that will be applied to each race, there may be changes in operation. 

TAROM has constantly assumed the support of the strategic relations of the Romanian state and, contributing with its specific expertise, has been involved in the operations carried out for the safety of Romanian citizens or communities that need help in difficult times. Together with the representatives of the state, its pilots and together with the operational teams, after the outbreak of the conflict in Israel, TAROM operated 11 flights to Israel that benefited 2635 people.

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