TAROM will not resume flights to the USA

TAROM will not resume flights to the USA

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According to the statements made by Traian Basescu, we will have to be patient with regard to the direct flights from Bucharest to USA by TAROM.

“I will be very open. As far as I know now: no! Because TAROM was flying using two Airbus 310 aircraft, which, due to the small number of seats for this relationship, had 180 seats, and due to the extraordinary competition for transatlantic transport, between Europe and US airports, it could not face the competition. Race in the US, each of them, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars in race, millions of dollars annually. TAROM is a company that is no longer subsidized and has to look at its own survival ”

, said Basescu in Chicago, at a meeting with the Romanians from the US, who wanted to know if there are any chances to resume these TAROM flights. (inform Mediafax)

I think TAROM needs to be privatized and then make new aircraft purchases. For profitable flights on routes to the United States, the national airline must have large capacity aircraft capable of transatlantic flights. Currently, flights to the United States take place in London, Rome, Amsterdam or Paris and are operated by airlines such as Delta Air Lines, KLM - Air France, British Airways etc.

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