TAROM is moving to the implementation phase of the staff restructuring measure

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TAROM will carry out, starting with July 30, 2021, the stage of the implementation phase of the staff restructuring measure, an action that was started in February of this year and which is an essential component of TAROM's recovery plan.

As part of the staff restructuring measure, a new organizational chart was developed and approved that corresponds to the current and estimated volume of activity for the coming years, being designed to reduce costs and ensure an efficient distribution of activities at the company level. This measure affects a number of 241 posts in the current structure.

Thus, it is necessary to initiate the measure on collective redundancies, in compliance with legal procedures, in the next period being planned consultations with the social partners. Employees targeted by collective redundancies will be separated on the basis of transparent, fair criteria, communicated to all those involved, their evaluations being organized with external suppliers.

Equally, TAROM will carry out all the steps provided by the regulations in force to minimize the impact of the collective redundancy program, and a new program of voluntary departures will be launched. There will also be internal competitions to fill the available vacancies, which will be announced to all those interested, according to the applicable procedures.

We remind you that the staff restructuring measure is part of a complex plan of measures defined in order to recover the company. This plan was notified on 28 May 2021 to the European Commission in order to obtain State aid for restructuring.

The fierce commercial competition in the field of aviation requires us to maintain a high standard of safety and the services we offer to passengers. In this sense, TAROM thanks all its employees, appreciating the professionalism and dedication they have shown, especially recently, a period that has proved to be extremely difficult for the entire global aviation industry.

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