The Bihor County Council has approved the support of Oradea - Warsaw flights!

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"Ensuring connectivity is a condition of development for every community. From this point of view, for Oradea Municipality and Bihor County, ensuring road, rail and air connectivity is very important for connecting development in the coming years.

In terms of air connectivity, this year has been a year of investment in airport infrastructure. At the end of this year, the three projects from European funds for the extension of the runway, for the safety infrastructure and the construction of the new terminal will be completed.

The next two to three years we aim to be the years in which air connectivity develops and provides conditions for Oradea airport to connect with the world and also to allow business and tourism to develop", he mentioned Ilie Bolojan, president of the Bihor County Council.

Oradea – Warsaw flights


4 weekly flights with aircraft of at least 75 seats

The adopted draft decision provides for the imposition of a public service obligation regarding regular air flights between the airports of Oradea (OMR) and Warsaw (WAW) for a period of 4 years, in compliance with the following minimum standards: the ability of the aircraft used to operate the flights to have at least 75 seats and the weekly flight schedule must include at least 4 flights from Oradea to Warsaw and return.

The President of the Bihor County Council, Ilie Bolojan, explained that this model is already applied by other cities in Europe, similar in size to the Oradea Municipality. The procedure is based on Regulation (EC) no. 1008/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 September 2008 regarding the common rules for the operation of air services in the Community.

More travel opportunities from Oradea

"Analyzing these possibilities, but also the availability of companies to operate in Oradea in the coming years, we propose that this support be done with the airport in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, the largest air hub in Central-Eastern Europe, with connections to the United States, Canada , Asia and all of Europe. Basically, 3-4 hours after landing you have 30-40 destinations. In the next period, we will send the documentation to the European Commission for approval, we will start the tender procedure at the beginning of next year and we estimate that in the spring, if there are interested companies, we could have a completed procedure and then we can operate ", added the president of the Bihor County Council.

The ticket prices will be set by the bidder, and the operation of the route will be financially compensated by the Bihor County Council, according to a calculation model established in the specifications. The compensation will be paid quarterly and will cover only the actual operating expenses of the air services and the expenses related to the operations at the OMR and WAW airports. Given that the flights will be operated in a profitable regime, the co-financing of the Bihor County Council will be reduced.

The airline that falls under the specifications is LOT Polish Airlines 🙂.

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