The fortress on Straja Hill in Brașov reopens its doors!

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The wait is over! Friday, September 8, at 18:00, the Cetățuia Brașovului opens for "Open Gates Week". After eight years in which it was closed, after years of lawsuits for its recovery in the municipality's patrimony, the time has come for the residents of Brasov to once again enjoy one of the most important symbols of the city below Tâmpa: the Citadel on Straja Hill .

To mark this moment awaited by all the people of Brasov, together with the Apollonia Cultural Center, a program worthy of such an event was prepared.

"Citadel between the worlds"* will put the Citadel back on the city's cultural map, offering the public knightly and medieval shows, theater and dance, but also contemporary shows, with DJ, lights and lasers.

"Dear citizens of Brasov! As we promised you, on Friday we reopen the Citadel of Brașov, after years and years. Friday begins the program of activities that over the weekend, under the coordination of the Apollonia Cultural Center, will offer you a suite of visual, musical events, events dedicated to the little ones. We'll have concerts, we'll have laser shows, we'll have gun shows, we'll have youth shows. All this in a concept that brings together the past, the present and the future. I am waiting for you on Friday, starting at 18.00, when the fortress reopens. You will be able to visit it, you will be able to enjoy the culture within the perimeter of the fortress walls and outside them. I look forward to seeing you all!", mayor Allen Coliban launched the invitation, informs

The full program of the event, included in the agenda of the Green Cities Forum, which is being held this week in Brașov, is as follows:

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