Passengers' rights in case of canceled / delayed flights

Did you hit late or canceled flights? Did you know that you can receive up to € 600 as compensation from airlines? Very few people know this and very few passengers know their air passenger rights. But let's clarify this!

Daily, hundreds of flights operated in Europe or from / to Europe are delayed or canceled for various reasons. Thousands of passengers are affected by these problems, and most are probably unaware of their air passenger rights. Many of them are satisfied with a simple rerouting or a small bonus from the airline, without asking for their proper money rights.

The rights of air passengers

If you fly on EU territory or from the EU to other non-EU destinations (regardless of whether the flight is operated by a company inside or outside the EU), you are also entitled to financial damages up to € 600. These compensations are set according to the distance:

- 250 Euro for distance flights below 1500 km - regional and domestic flights
- 400 euros for flights between 1500-3500 km
- 600 euros for flights over distances over 3500 km (with a minimum delay of 4 hours)
- 300 euros for flights over distances over 3500 km (delayed between 3 and 4 hours)

These rights have been established by the EU faci fac part din the rights of air traffic passengers (To read). So we are not talking here about territorial laws or laws made by airlines. but about the directives of the European Union.

In this context, the EU refers to the 28 Member States (including Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Réunion, Mayotte, Saint-Martin (French Antilles), the Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands), as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. . We do not refer to the Faroe Islands, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

These laws also apply to flights from / to Romania, whether we speak of liner or charter flights. Following some discussions on this topic, many Romanians were skeptical. The reality is that there are many others who have applied for their rights and received the appropriate money.

It is important to be eligible for these compensations. It is true that there are also situations when you have canceled or delayed flight and you are not eligible to receive compensation. What does it mean to NOT be eligible?

Situations when you are NOT eligible to receive compensation from airlines

  1. If you have been informed of the cancellation with at least 2 weeks before the scheduled departure time;
    2. If you have been informed of cancellation within 2 weeks and 7 days before the scheduled departure time and are offered a redirect that allows you to leave at most 2 hours before the scheduled departure time and arrive at your destination final in less than 2 hours after the expected arrival time;
    3. If you have been informed of cancellation less than 7 days before the scheduled departure time and are offered a rerouting that allows you to leave at the latest one hour before the expected departure time and arrive at your final destination in less than two hours after the scheduled arrival time;
    4. If the air carrier can prove that the cancellation is caused by exceptional circumstances, which could not be avoided, despite taking all possible measures (coups, volcanic eruptions, fires, extreme weather conditions).

So any other situation, which is not provided for above, makes you eligible to receive compensation from the airlines. Technical problems do NOT qualify as "exceptional circumstances", even if the airline is trying to explain the opposite. If there are technical problems with the aircraft, then you are clearly eligible. We are talking about technical problems that suddenly appeared on the plane.

Very-very important!

  1. Requests can be made for flights operated up to 3 years ago, so it doesn't necessarily have to be recent flights. If you have experienced such problems in the last 3 years, check if you are eligible and apply for compensation.
    2. They are subject to EC 261 / 2004 and Charter races. If you choose to spend your vacation in Turkey, Greece or other "traditional" summer destinations, and delays on charter flights appear as mentioned above, you are eligible to receive this compensation.

How to get this financial compensation

Now comes the important part. How can you get this money? It is important to have the courage to ask for it :). and you have more variants. Either you ask them directly from the airline, either you call different specialized companies in financial compensation recoveries.

From our experiences, the airlines seek to escape the payment of these damages and invoke all kinds of third parties. It offers small bonuses in the hope that people no longer demand their money rights. Other companies make these financial compensations in the form of a bonus in the loyalty platforms and "oblige" you to spend the amounts due also on the services of the company. These practices are not exactly the right ones. You have the right to receive MONEY that you can spend as you wish.

CAREFUL!!! In case of delays longer than 3 hours, in addition to these compensation, the airlines are obliged to provide you with water and a snack. And in case of flight cancellation, the airlines are obliged to offer you accommodation until the next flight. For example: today's flight was canceled and you were delayed on a flight the next day? You are entitled to one night's accommodation. These rights are independent of financial compensation.

I had a better experience with companies specializing in recovering financial compensation. Even if you pay a commission of 20-25% of the amount, practically you as a passenger do not do much. Just fill out a form, give the company the right to represent you in front of the airline and from there the specialists will take care of it. If you are eligible, the money will be transferred to your account as soon as all the formalities have been completed and the airline has paid.

Choose the right one for you! Our call is for you apply for rights. At the same time, we urge you to respect the terms and conditions set by the airlines, to obey the laws of common sense for a pleasant flight.