What NOT to do on the plane / Don't be an idiot, mitochondria and senseless passenger

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Following the 5 plane crash, 2019, in which a Sukhoi Superjet 100 Aeroflot was involved, revealed an unpleasant side of many people. We are talking here about the selfish side and the lack of respect for those around us.

The aircraft landed with difficulty, and at the violent impact with the track a fire broke out. The flames immediately contained the fuselage of the plane, which led to the evacuation of passengers on the front slides.

Unfortunately, XENUMX passengers died In this accident, many of them because of smoke poisoning. They were at the back of the plane and were unable to reach the escape doors, their movement being made difficult by the luggage on the aisle.

At the time of the evacuation, it can be observed how many passengers came down with their luggage, which as it could, but made it difficult to evacuate the other passengers.

What NOT to do on the plane

I have experience of hundreds of domestic and international flights. I flew with top, low-cost, ultra-low-cost, full-service operators. I was also on charter flights. I don't think there was a perfect flight, without one or more passengers not breaking the list below.

  1. When going on a plane trip, you MUST fall within the baggage limits imposed by the airline you are about to fly with. DON'T try to leave the whole cabinet in your luggage. Do NOT argue with the airline representatives if they ask you to pay the excess baggage.
  2. When you are in control of luggage / passports, Do NOT cram. Keep a decent distance from other passengers in a row. It is everyone's turn. And Do NOT quarrel with customs officers. Possible to ruin your trip.
  3. Once you reach the boarding gate, try to DO NOT occupy 2-3 chairs with luggage / luggage. One seat for you is enough. The luggage can be on the floor next to you.
  4. Now, in the 21st century, all airlines offer a place on the plane and it is mentioned on the ticket. Whether you choose to purchase the ticket, or it is automatically assigned by the system at check-in, it exists. You do NOT need to stand in line with 30 minutes before boarding. And You do NOT have to run to the plane. Do not leave until everyone is seated and with their belts on.
  5. Once you get on the plane, carefully follow the instructions presented by the flight attendants. And, most importantly, respect them when the situation demands it. Do NOT ignore the on-board staff!
  6. Do not quarrel with the cabin staff and Do NOT be upset when you do not get what you want immediately. Respect the flight attendants and pilots. They are not waiters, waiters or puppets. The flight attendants are on board the aircraft for your safety and flight. Not to be to your liking.
  7. Do NOT quarrel with other passengers you are on the plane.
  8. Do NOT hit your plane with other passengers or cabin crew. You risk staying behind bars.
  9. DO NOT make uninspired jokes with reference to bombs and other attacks. Do NOT force the cockpit door. In both cases, you risk being taken off the plane by police and investigated for terrorism.
  10. DO NOT talk very loudly in the plane.
  11. DO NOT listen to music to the fullest without headphones (preferably headphones connected to the music source).
  12. DO NOT barefoot your bare feet. Preferably have an ergonomic and comfortable pair of shoes.
  13. DON'T leave the mess behind you. Do NOT eat seeds as in the match. DO NOT dispose of paper, household waste and packaging on the floor. We recommend that you collect them and give them to the cabin attendants.
  14. DO NOT consume excessive alcoholic beverages. Maintains a safe limit.
  15. Do NOT smoke on the plane. You will be caught and fined.
  16. DO NOT block the airplane passage.
  17. After landing, Do NOT stand up straight away. Wait for the aircraft to reach the landing point.
  18. After landing, DON'T rush to get your luggage from the upper compartment. Stay on the seat and with the belt on until the aircraft is completely stopped.
  19. When getting off the plane, DO NOT miss the opportunity to thank the on-board companions.
  20. If the plane is involved in an accident / incident, follow the instructions of the navigator. Do not rush to take your luggage. DO NOT block the evacuation of the aircraft and do not take any action other than those indicated by the accompanying passengers. Do NOT be like passenger Dmitry Khlebushkin.

To sum it all up! As a passenger, try not to stand out by feeling insincere and miserable, regardless of the means of transport you travel with. Do NOT be an idiot passenger.

At home you can do what you want. But in the means of transport, respect those around you and that is how you respect yourself.

At the moment, there is one campaign against unruly passengers!

Do NOT be an idiot passenger.

  1. Ghita Pristanda says

    All items in the list are correct, except for item 4, which no longer seems relevant. Lately, I've heard more and more cases of people staying at the airport due to the fact that the airline operator overbooked…

    1. Sorin says

      Point 4 is also correct. No one puts you on the wing or in the toilet. The fact that it is overbooking has nothing to do with point 4.

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