Together we can buy an ambulance plane!

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The Blondie Association continues the fight to save children whose lives depend on treatment abroad! The organization still needs 500.000 euros to buy the first air ambulance. So far, all 172 races for life have been organized with scheduled flights.

"Seriously ill children don't have time. You have." is the name of the new awareness and fundraising campaign. Children with serious illnesses and their parents struggle every day with time.

Adelina Toncean and the Blondie Association have become their allies and make possible trips to hospitals abroad. Until now, with scheduled flights. Rania was one of the passengers. He is only nine months old, but he has already gone through the trials of a lifetime.

For each flight, Adelina struggles to raise money and organize everything. With the help of an air ambulance, the races for life would no longer be conditional. This would save precious time. Andreea also knows how necessary such a plane would be.

Her little girl, Medea, was born with heart problems. 12 diagnoses and a continuous struggle, with painful journeys between the hospital and home, treatments and sleepless nights. But now the mother smiles again: Medea has been saved.

Last spring he arrived at the San Donato Hospital in Milan and had the necessary operation, also on a Blondie flight. An ambulance plane would be at the disposal of any patient - child or adult - who cannot be treated in the country, prepared and equipped to fly to any hospital in Europe.

In order to buy such an aircraft, the association still needs 500.000 euros. And our help. Let's buy together the first air ambulance in Romania and give time to children who don't have time. Massive share for aviooon! Donate very easily directly on the website:

Dinamo football club also joined the initiative. At the derby with FCSB, the spectators will be able to donate money for the plane. In three and a half years, Blondie organized flights for over 500 children. The mission of the association? To leave no one behind.

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