TOP 10 favorite countries of Europeans for the winter holidays

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In the winter season and especially around the winter holidays, European citizens continue to choose Mediterranean tourist places, the European Tourism Commission revealed. According to a survey conducted on September 10-18, which involved 5769 respondents from Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, it is shown that they want to travel in a country in the Mediterranean basin.

About 9.2% of respondents revealed that they want to travel to a destination in Spain. Compared to other surveys conducted this year, Europeans want to travel more, with 18% of respondents saying they will travel by plane in the next 6 months.

Italy is preferred by 9.1% of respondents to this survey. The podium of preferences is completed by France, the third destination for Europeans, 8,2% of respondents confirming their plans to explore this country.

Germany ranks fifth (6,2%), just behind Greece (6,8%). Croatia (5,4%), Portugal (%) and Turkey (3,9%) are top destinations ahead of Austria, which is a preferred destination for 3,8% of respondents.

It should come as no surprise that Europeans are still longing for a warm destination. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the summer holidays were uncertain for many Europeans. Maybe in the winter season they will have relaxation on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Many Europeans choose to travel to Europe, most likely because of the ever-changing uncertainty and travel conditions.

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