Top brands of casino & sports bookmakers in Europe

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The EU is the largest source of revenue for the global online gambling market (49,2%). The next position is ranked by the countries of Asia and the Middle East (27,8%) and North America (11,3%).

More and more online casinos as well, started operating in Romania, where, in 2020, there was the largest increase in the number of bettors and casino players in the digital environment (+ 90%). In the following we will discuss the most famous and popular brands of casino and sports betting that are available in Europe.

What are the favorite games of chance for Europeans?

Players on European gambling platforms turned their attention to sports betting (41%), casino games (34%) and lottery (15%). The rest of the percentages are divided between those who are passionate about poker (5%), bingo (4%) and skill-based gambling (1%).

In terms of interest in this form of entertainment by nationality, the British (30,1%), the Germans (11,4%) and the French (9%) are in first place. The next positions in the ranking of European nations are occupied by Italians (2%), Swedes (7,2%), Spaniards (6,2%), Finns (4,5%) and Danes (3,5%). Romanians enter the percentage of 3,2%, made up of the rest of the European countries where the interest for gambling is not so high.

Top land-based casinos in Europe

The "Old Continent" cannot compete with the casinos in Macau (China) and Las Vegas (USA), but it can boast some of the most spectacular land-based casinos in the world. We must not forget that the first casino of all time was built on this continent: Casino di Venzia (in 1638). Here are the most important (and impressive) locations where you can try roulette, poker, baccarat and blackjack games:

  • Casino Estoril - Lisbon, Portugal - Built during the First World War (1916) by Dr. Bernandino Machado, this is a casino location that houses over 1200 tables and slot machines.
  • Monte Carlo Casino - Monaco - located in a location with great prospects, this casino was built in 1863 and offers over 300 tables with games of chance, such as roulette and blackjack, but also slot machines.
  • Resorts World - Birmingham, UK - This is a modern casino, built in 2015, focusing on providing an extensive range of services, not just gambling (200 tables with baccarat, roulette and blackjack games), but also facilities relaxation and fun (spa, restaurant, etc.).
  • Casino at the Emire - London, UK - Located in the West End of the UK capital and built in 1884, this casino has 150 tables where various card games can be played.
  • Barrier Casino - Enghien-les-Bains, France - Built in 1901, this casino offers 40 tables with classic games of chance, such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack, as well as 350 slot machines.

Not to be missed is the Casino di Campione in Como, Italy, a land-based facility where casino players have access to 556 gaming tables and pacano machines, which have been in operation since 1917.

What are the top brands operating in the online casino and sports betting market in Europe?

$ 2022 billion in online gambling in Europe is projected for 29,3. As mentioned earlier, at the moment, European countries offer the highest percentage of players in the international digital environment, 41% of them being attracted by sports betting.

In fact, the most important brands responsible for online gambling and online sports betting are active in Europe. The top rated companies in this field include the following operators:

  • Kinred Group - is one of the strongest brands in Europe (based in Malta, Valletta), among the companies in the portfolio being Unibet, Vlad Casino, 32Red and Casino Maria.
  • Paddy Power Betfair - The brand based in Ireland, Dublin has two of the most powerful betting and casino platforms in Europe - Paddy Power (sports betting) and Betfair (casino and sports betting).
  • William Hill - the company headquartered in the UK, London operates two major bookmakers and casinos in Europe - William Hill and Sportingbet.
  • 888 Holdings - The brand is registered in Gibraltar and specializes in sports betting, casino and poker.
  • Bet365 - a well-known sports betting brand based in the UK, Stoke-on-Trent.
  • GVC Holdings - the Isle of Man-based company, Douglas, includes in its portfolio a number of platforms offering casino games and sports betting, including Ladbrokes.
  • The Stars Group - The Canadian registered office, Toronto, is recognized as the largest provider of poker games, casinos and sports betting through the PokerStars platform.

Most of these brands also operate in Romania, where they appear with platforms that offer authorized gambling, at a fixed rate and at a distance. In fact, our country is the perfect environment for these brands, especially since in 2020, the online presence of players will increase by 90% (the highest increase in the EU-27).

 In addition, in Romania, through the National Gambling Office, 10-year licenses can be obtained for all online and offline gambling and sports betting companies.

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