The top of the most appreciated airports in Romania! See the criteria that gave travelers the vote of confidence!

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One of the novelties of the pandemic in the field of tourism and air travel is the increase in interest in domestic flights, especially on routes whose alternative route would mean many hours spent in traffic, but also the increase in the number of external routes operated from secondary airports. from Romania.

Thus, compared to 2019 when at national level the airports registered over 23 million passengers, of which over 60% arrived / departed from Henri Coanda International Airport Bucharest, in the post-pandemic period we notice an increase in routes and number of passengers who choose to land / take off using the smaller airports in Romania.

The top of the most appreciated airports in Romania!

The team conducted a study on the situation of airports in Romania, a report that summarizes the opinions and preferences of passengers regarding domestic airports, but also the criteria based on which this assessment was made.

The study was done through a scoring system of the most representative characteristics for an airport: cleanliness, appearance, signaling, friendliness of staff, accessibility, quality and prices of facilities (shops, restaurants, parking).

Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport, deputed for congestion and lack of staff

Otopeni Airport also manages the largest volume of air traffic, operating both domestic and foreign flights, and is the main connection point between Romania and countless destinations in Europe and the rest of the world. Thanks to the generous portfolio of airlines and the variety of routes they provide, it was chosen by 70.6% of the participants in the study.

At the same time, however, passengers noticed the congestion forming on Otopeni, the queues and the lack of sufficient staff, factors that complicate the procedures at the airport, causing delays, problems with luggage, changes to the flight schedule. Respondents therefore noted that, from this point of view, Henri Coandă Airport needs more attention in order to operate to the standards of airports in major European capitals.

Avram Iancu International Airport in Cluj-Napoca appreciated for the kindness of the staff

The most important air connection point in the Transylvania area, Avram Iancu International Airport was appreciated for its cleanliness (9/10), the friendliness of the staff (9.1 / 10) and the efficient signaling of the gates and counters (9/10).

Being a smaller airport than Otopeni, it operates a small number of domestic and foreign flights, but is very well connected, providing flights to all major cities in Romania, but also to major European destinations (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Sea). Britain). Another downside of Avram Iancu Airport, reported by participants in the study, is the lack of variety in terms of restaurants and shops available.

George Enescu Bacau International Airport received the highest marks from its passengers

Renovated following private investments and with a new terminal put into use, George Enescu Bacău International Airport received the highest marks from its passengers. The highest marks were given for efficient signaling (9.4 / 10) and cleanliness (9.1 / 10), being among the only airports appreciated for the attention to cleanliness.

It is also worth mentioning that, despite being a small airport, it provides direct flights to some of the most popular destinations: the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. Passengers can reach it both by car and by public transport (bus, taxi).

One of the oldest airports in Romania, Iasi International Airport was decommissioned by passengers for its outdated appearance

Iasi International Airport is the main connection point between Moldova and other cities in the country, but also countless European destinations.

It has obtained good marks for efficient signaling (9/10), thanks to the organized space, which helps travelers to quickly find the gates and counters. At the same time, the airport in Iași also has a vaccination center without programming. It also offers easy access to all passengers, both by car and by public transport (bus, taxi, ridesharing services).

Suceava Stefan cel Mare International Airport rated for cleanliness and friendliness of staff

The passengers who passed through this Ștefan cel Mare International Airport Suceava harshly noted some aspects such as cleanliness (7.7 / 10), friendliness of staff (7.3 / 10) and accessibility (6.6 / 10). Being a fairly small airport, its portfolio does not include many airlines, so it operates a small number of routes, both in Romania and in Europe (Italy, UK, Germany). However, it is a success that it is in the ranking next to the big airports of Romania, Bucharest - Otopeni, Cluj Napoca and Iași.

What are the other airports included in the study

In addition to the five airports above, which received the most votes from the passengers participating in the study, the list also included the airports in Sibiu, Craiova and Timisoara.

Sibiu International Airport, for example, received high marks for the friendliness of the character, but also for accessibility, having good connections with the city center. Craiova International Airport was also voted for the efficient signaling of the main landmarks and for accessibility, being located a short distance from the city. At the same time, he obtained high marks in terms of cleanliness. Last but not least, Timisoara International Airport was appreciated by passengers for signaling and cleanliness.

An important point to note is that all the airports included in this report have been penalized for the high and very high prices of the shops and restaurants set up within them.

The study was conducted at the end of September and the beginning of October 2021, on a sample of 238 respondents who traveled to Romanian airports and who evaluated them according to cleanliness, appearance, signaling, friendliness of staff, accessibility, quality and prices of facilities (shops, restaurants, parking). Airport ratings in individual categories were calculated based on the arithmetic mean of the values ​​provided in the responses. The study does not have the character of a representative market survey.

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