TUI The Netherlands is organizing a trial holiday in Gran Canaria

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It is clear that we will not get rid of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, but people want more freedom of movement, vpr to travel, to explore. They all want to return to a "normal life" in which they no longer want restrictions. In order to reopen the borders for tourism, many countries in Europe, but also on other continents, are doing all kinds of studies and looking for solutions so that people can travel freely in complete safety and responsibility.

In this context, TUI Netherlands is organizing a trial holiday with freedom of movement in Gran Canaria. The trial holiday is organized in collaboration with Corendon and with the support of the Organization of Tour Operators (ANVR), the Dutch government and the National Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM).

180 tourists will go on an experimental holiday in Gran Canaria

TUI organizes this holiday to gain experience in organizing tourist trips, so that they can travel safely and responsibly when the borders are opened. The trip will take place in early May on the sunny Spanish island of Gran Canaria.

Those who want to take part in this experiment will benefit from an eight-day holiday in a luxury all-inclusive hotel where they will not miss anything. In addition, they can move freely and enjoy nature. Of course, everyone must follow the rules that apply during the flight, at the hotel and at the holiday destination. Those interested can register starting Monday, April 19, through the TUI website.

Those aged between 18 and 70 will be accepted on the probationary holiday. TUI will make a selection from all records, taking into account a correct distribution of all age groups and a male / female distribution. Unfortunately, people belonging to the risk categories determined by the RIVM cannot participate in this trip.

The Dutch authorities want to do more studies on organized travel by plane, bus, train. These studies are of great importance in determining the conditions under which people can go on holiday safely again.

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