Tourists spent about 20 million EURO on the Romanian coast during the short holiday of May 1st!

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The National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT) announces that, during the mini-vacation of May 1, 2022, the Romanian seaside received the visit of over 50.000 tourists. At the same time, ANAT announces that the tourists spent at least 1 million euros during the May 20 holiday, and in this amount, the tip left to the waiters is not included. Most of the money remained in Mamaia resort, one of the the most famous resorts in Romania!

"Vama Veche was the peak of the season with over 15 tourists. From the point of view of media expenses, it stood at 2.000 lei / person. It helps to get an idea of ​​what budgets tourists will allocate this year for their holidays"Says Cristian Bărhălescu, Vice President of ANAT Sud-Est, according to ProTV News.

Estimates have been exceeded, and the figure is far above that of 2019, the last year before the pandemic, when the Romanian coast received, in the same period, about 30.000 tourists, informs

In Mamaia over 25.000 tourists were declared, in Costinesti 20.000 tourists, and in Vama Veche, as usual, there was a high degree of occupancy. The big news is the Costinesti resort, says ANAT.

The coastal clubs, which, in addition to Mamaia - Năvodari, also developed in the south of the Romanian Black Sea river, had over 7.000 visitors. The average cost per person was 2.000 lei, which included accommodation, meals, transportation and tickets to the events.

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