A McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Caspian Airlines hit a road in Iran (photo / video)

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On January 27, 2020, Caspian Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (EP-CPZ) landed on a street in Iran. Specifically, the MD-83 failed to stop on the runway at the airport in Bandar, reaching a freeway near the runway.

The aircraft departed from Tehran-Mehrabad Airport at 06:24. Near Bandar-Mehrabad Airport, pilots were notified of the climatic conditions and were directed to land on runway 13.

McDonnell Douglas MD-83 crash in Iran

But the pilots failed to stop the McDonnell Douglas MD-83 on the runway. The plane stopped 90 meters from the runway threshold, in the middle of a highway. There were 136 passengers and 8 crew members on board. There were no deceased persons.

MD-83 crash-iran
MD-83 crash-iran

McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (EP-CPZ) Caspian Airlines was 25.5 years old. The first flight was operated in 1994. Caspian Airlines was founded in 1993. It has a fleet of 11 aircraft and flies to 24 destinations, most of Iran.

Unfortunately, the embargo says it. The Caspian Airlines fleet is old, consisting of MD-82 and MD-83 aircraft, as well as 3 Boeing 737-400 aircraft. And on the cargo area, the company operates 2 extremely old Boeing 747-100 / -200 aircraft. We know that age does not matter in aviation, but the level of aircraft maintenance is very important.

PHOTO: aviation-safety.net/

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