Update: SAS pilots postpone strike for 72 hours, until July 2

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Update June 20, 2022: SAS pilots postpone strike for 72 hours, until July 2. Negotiations are currently underway between the pilots' unions and the airline's representatives.a

Initial news: 402 SAS pilots, represented by two Norwegian unions, will go on strike starting Wednesday, June 29, if there is no mediation agreement between the pilots and the airline's management. In total, in Scandinavia, almost 900 SAS pilots will then go on strike. There will be many SAS planes on the ground if mediation between SAS and the company's pilots fails.

Norske SAS-flygeres forening (NSF) has announced that all 254 affiliated pilots will go on strike from day one. SAS Norge Flygerforening (SNF) has announced that all 148 affiliated pilots will also go on strike with colleagues.

"We have announced the resignation of all our pilots in order to put maximum pressure on the mediation that is currently taking place in Sweden. The hope is to avoid a strike"Said Roger Klokset, NSF leader, at Aftenposten / E24, taken over by aviation24.be.

In Denmark and Sweden, it is not the same system as in Norway when it comes to strike legislation. But even in these conditions, about 490 pilots announced that they will go on strike with their Norwegian colleagues.

The demands of pilots in collective bargaining are aimed at job security and wages. Pilots require that SAS aircraft have SAS-employed pilots on hand. This requirement completely overrides the SAS management strategy.

"In recent years, SAS has become more of a threat than a guarantor of job security. This is actually the situation that SAS put us in, with the establishment of SAS Connect and SAS LinkSaid the leader of the Norwegian pilots.

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