Old Alitalia operated the last flight! Goodbye, Alitalia - Welcome, Alitalia!

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After 74 years, Alitalia will cease all operations. The last flight in the history of Alitalia is operated on Thursday, October 14, starting with 22:05 (Italian time). The flight will carry the code AZ1586 and will be operated on the route Cagliari - Rome Fiumicino.


Unfortunately, Alitalia could not be saved. In recent years it has flown at a loss, recorded very large debts that the Italian state has tried to cover, but the inevitable has happened. In 50 years, more than 13 billion euros have been pumped from the state budget into a company that refused to reform.

Surprisingly, the Italians are not crying for Alitalia. In a way, they are tired of paying the debts of a company that "refused" to get out of the mud. Since 2002, Alitalia has not been profitable. In 2017, Alitalia declared bankruptcy, but managed to fly until today, October 14.

Italy will not be left without a national airline. From the ashes of Alitalia is born Italia Trasporto Aereo (ITA), a new company that will proudly carry the Italian flag. It will start flying tomorrow, October 15. It took over a number of assets from Alitalia, including 52 aircraft (out of a total of 150 in Alitalia's fleet) and some of Alitalia's landing and take-off slots. It will retain 2800 employees out of a total of 11 while at Alitalia.

For starters, ITA will fly to 44 destinations, but hopes to grow its operational network to 74 destinations by 2025.

The Italian press announces that the Alitalia brand was bought by ITA for the amount of 90 million EURO, the domain of www.alitalia.com entering the transaction, but also all the other rights related to the brand. Alitalia is reborn!

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