Airbus A310 RC "dancing" in flight

(Video) Airbus A310 RC "dancing" in flight

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Martin Müller, an aviation enthusiast, designed and built an Airbus A310 to the smallest detail. There are no missing flaps and spoilers, all to look like a real plane. But this is not all. The plane is a radio-controlled one, and Martin Müller has shown us that he can be a very good "pilot".

Airbus A310 RC

Follow the pictures below with Airbus A310 RC "dancing" in flight!

Martin Müller participated in an exhibition of radio-controlled aircraft from Leipzig in 2011! We could say that these are toys for big people!

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  1. [...] A toy for older people. A passion brought to the extreme by many aviation enthusiasts, but a beautiful passion. Martin Müller, another young man passionate about airplanes, designed and built an Airbus A310 RC to the smallest detail. [...]

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