(Video) Airbus A320neo received standard certification from EASA and FAA

(Video) Airbus A320neo received standard certification from EASA and FAA

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On 24 November 2015, Airbus A320neo (variant with Pratt & Whitney engines) received the type certification from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Certified aircraft is powered by Pratt & Whitney Pure Power PW1100G-JM engines.

This certification validates the aircraft and opens the way for the first delivery. A320neo (new engine option) has successfully completed a rigorous certification program, during which all aircraft systems have been tested, and limits have been pushed beyond normal use. The standard certificate attests that the A320neo aircraft satisfies and satisfies all the airworthiness criteria successfully.

3 aircraft were used for the certification program, all accumulating 1070 flight hours into approximately 350 flights. Of the total flight hours accumulated, 300 were registered by the same aircraft in similar regime operations within an airline.


A320neo with Pratt & Whitney engines is the first variant in the NEO family with type certification. The A320neo variant with CFM International LEAP 1A engines will be certified in the coming months, followed by the A321neo and A319neo models equipped with both engine variants being certified.

A320NEO INFOGRAPHICS Certification

And an infographic about what Airbus A320neo certification means!

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