(Video) Landing on the Courchevel Plateau (LFLJ) filmed from the plane

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For those who do not know, Altiport is an aerodrome for small planes and helicopters, located in mountainous areas. The term generally covers small aerodromes located in the mountain areas of the French Alps. Courchevel - Rhône-Alpes (IATA: CVF - ICAO: LFLJ) is one of the altiports in France, which also entered our list with 10 special airports.

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I invite you to watch a filmed landing on the tail of a Jodel D.140 Mousquetaire plane. BONUS: conversation with the control tower.

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Photo: www.wikipedia.org

Courchevel Altiport it is at an altitude of 2008 meters, and the track has a length of only 537 meters and the inclination degree of 18.6%. The slope runway facilitates the deceleration of the planes at landing and helps to accelerate their takeoff. The altiport is operational in good weather conditions. During fog or bad weather, airplanes cannot land because the runway is not equipped with ground guidance systems.

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