The Christmas market in Drumul Camperei gathered more than one million visitors

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28 days of fun, 26 concerts and dozens of hours of live music are some of the numbers collected at the West Side Christmas Market, the fair organized by Untold Universe, in partnership with the Sector 6 City Hall, in Drumul Taberei Park.

Over a million visitors to the West Side Christmas Market

The most beautiful Christmas market closed its doors last night. Over a million visitors enjoyed the magic of the winter holidays and the charm of Christmas during the 28 days of celebration at the West Side Christmas Market.

The guests who chose the Christmas fair in Drumul Taberei Park enjoyed tens of hours of concerts by the most beloved Romanian artists, hundreds of hours of fun on the ice rink, in the carousel, at Santa Claus's House or in the panoramic wheel.

The West Side Christmas Market stage was the centerpiece of Christmas theme park fun. Some of the most beloved Romanian artists took the stage at the amphitheater and there were artistic moments for all ages and all musical tastes.

Thus, during the 28 days of fun, there were 26 concerts that gathered dozens of hours of live music. Artists such as: The Motans, Fuego, Gașca Zurli, Alina Sorescu, Direction 5, Suie Paparude, Vunk, Alexandra Ungureanu, Moonlight Breakfast, Bibi, Irina Sîrbu, Holly Molly, Florian Rus, Alejandro Fernandez, Om la Luna, DJ JIJI, Andia, Adi Istrate, Costina Ioana, Minelli, Romanita Duminică, Olivia Addams, Eva Timush.

Hundreds of thousands of glasses of mulled wine, tens of thousands of sausages and hundreds of meters of sausages sold in the West Side Christmas Market

The West Side Christmas Market was not only a land of fun, but also one of perfect tastes. The visitors enjoyed culinary experiences for all tastes: from traditional Romanian dishes, where there was no shortage of sausages, sarmales, mice or tochitura, to special desserts - gingerbread, muffins or muffins.

There were also dishes from international cuisines such as burgers, Bavarian sausages, Belgian fries or Mexican burritos. The pieces on the plate went perfectly with a glass of cinnamon mulled wine, hot chocolate or tea.

The Christmas market in the Drumul Taberei park was also the place where local artisans exhibited their most beautiful objects (globes, accessories, decorations or toys) made with care, perfect for unique gifts. In total, 70 goody or craft booths completed the West Side Christmas Market experience.

Hundreds of hours of fun for all ages

The fun in the West Side Christmas Market was also maintained by the specially designed activity areas for the whole family. The organizers prepared in the Park on Drumul Taberei a generous ice rink, bigger than last year, for lovers of fun on ice, a colorful carousel and a children's train, a 33-meter high panoramic wheel from where visitors could admire the view of Bucharest.

More than 15.000 people laced up their skates and slid across the ice in the West Side Christmas Market. Another enchanted place was Santa's House. Inspired by children's stories, the fairytale place attracted thousands of children who left Santa letters full of wishes, played games and listened to stories read by elves.

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