Wizz Air is hiring in Romania. Organize 10 recruitment events in 7 cities in Romania!

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Wizz Air, the fastest growing airline in Europe, continues to hire new flight attendants, through an extensive recruitment effort at its bases in Romania. The airline is eager to welcome its future ambitious crew members to 10 new recruitment events that will take place in Romania in June. Those who have always dreamed of a career in the clouds and want to participate can sign up here.

Wizz Air will host in June a series of events dedicated to Romanian aspirants

As part of its extensive effort to recruit flight attendants, Wizz Air will host a series of events in June dedicated to Romanian aspirants. These will take place in Bucharest, Iasi, Craiova, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Sibiu and Bacau, offering future flight attendants the chance to discover more about the airline and aviation.

Those present at the event will have the opportunity to apply on the same day for a vacancy in the airline team. Candidates are expected to arrive promptly at 9:00 a.m. with an updated resume, and to be prepared for a busy day with activities, including a personal presentation, situational role-playing games, group exercises, and an individual interview.

Wizz Air encourages the registration of experienced flight attendants

Wizz Air encourages the registration of experienced flight attendants as well as those of inexperienced flight attendants. Wizz Air flight attendants can expect competitive salaries at one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe, industry-specific training, a six-week training allowance, free uniform, discounted tickets unlimited for employees, a number of free tickets and discounts for friends and family, as well as a work schedule announced every month.

Flight attendants will work in a friendly and multicultural environment, with access to a variety of exciting career opportunities at Wizz Air, which is now present in over 50 countries.

Also, the new flight attendants will have the chance to become ambassadors of the airline, as part of the Wizz Air Ambassador Program. Between 2022 and 2024, two flight attendants from Romania, Cristina Rada and Liana Sărmășan, are also WIZZ ambassadors, sharing the experience of an "office" among the clouds. All crew members who have been part of the Wizz Air team for at least one year can join the program.

Cristina Rada, flight attendant and WIZZ ambassador

"I joined the Wizz Air team in 2019 and recently became a WIZZ ambassador, because I wanted to share with applicants or even my new colleagues more about what it means to have a career as a flight attendant, about the joy and satisfaction of contribute and ensure a safe flight for passengers, traveling and meeting new cultures and people in this beautiful journey. I know that the new candidates are in exactly the same position as I was three years ago and I would like them to know, first of all, that a career at the top is an unparalleled experience, if they are determined and passionate. ”

Wizz Air's recruitment efforts in Romania come in the context of a period of continuous expansion, as well as in the context of the gradual return to pre-pandemic traffic. As the aviation industry picks up again, and more and more passengers choose air travel, the airline continues to offer a variety of services. routes to destinations from all over Europe from Romanian airports. Since the company's entry into the Romanian market in 2006, passengers have been able to travel to popular or untapped destinations through WIZZ flights, at ultra-low fares.

Andras Rado, Senior Cabin Crew Recruitment Manager at Wizz Air

"Wizz Air is committed to giving candidates - with or without experience - a chance to discover the wonderful career of a flight attendant. Therefore, in the context of the continuous expansion of Wizz Air and the return and overcapacity of two years ago, we are pleased to expand our team throughout the network, including within our bases in Romania. We look forward to meeting enthusiastic flight attendants at recruitment events and sharing more details with them about the career development opportunities that Wizz Air offers. ”


June 3 2022International Hotel, 5A Palat Street, Iasi
June 8 2022Vienna House Hotel, Calea Bucureștilor 283, Bucharest (Otopeni)
June 8 2022Rexton Hotel, Carol I Street 49, Craiova
June 9 2022Hotel Timișoara, 1-3 Mărășești Street, Timișoara
June 10 2022Ramada Hotel, "Gamma" Hall, Emil Cioran Street 2, Sibiu
June 15 2022International Hotel, 5A Palat Street, Iasi
June 16 2022Hotel Dumbrava Business Resort, Dumbrava Roșie Street 2, Bacău
June 16 2022Confort Hotel, Calea Turzii 48, Cluj-Napoca
June 24 2022Vienna House Hotel, Calea Bucureștilor 283, Bucharest (Otopeni)
June 24 2022Rexton Hotel, Carol I Street 49, Craiova
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