Wizz Air resumes flights on 26 routes from 7 airports in Romania

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Wizz Air announces the gradual resumption of flights on 26 routes taking off from 7 airports in Romania to various destinations in 8 countries. Now, Romanians can travel again to 20 destinations, starting in March and April. Tickets are already available online on wizzair.com and through the mobile application from 9.99 EUR / 49 Lei.

Romanian passengers will be able to fly again from Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Craiova, Iasi, Sibiu, Timisoara and Bacau via the 26 routes to 20 destinations in Italy, Spania, Germany, Franta, England, Belgium, Israel or Cipru.

These routes complement the routes already operated from airports in Romania to popular destinations. Thus, Romanians will be able to travel again with reduced Wizz Air fares to some of the most sought after cities in Europe and beyond.

The new flights will depart from Cluj-Napoca to Germany (Berlin, Cologne-Bonn and Nuremberg), Italy (Bari and Venice-Treviso), Spain (Alicante) and Israel (Tel Aviv-Yafo); from Bucureşti to Italy (Pisa and Alghero), Spain (Seville and Santander) and England (Edinburgh); from Craiova to Germany (Cologne-Bonn), Italy (Bologna), Spain (Barcelona), France (Paris-Beauvais-Tille) and Belgium (Brussels-Charleroi); from Iaşi to Italy (Bari and Catania), Cyprus (Larnaca) and Israel (Tel Aviv-Yafo), from Sibiu to Germany (Karlsruhe-Baden-Baden) and Spain (Madrid); from Timisoara to Italy (Bari and Venice-Treviso) and, last but not least, from Bacau to Italy (Catania).


Bacău - Catania4 April14.99 EUR
Cluj-Napoca - AlicanteMarch 2824.99 EUR
Cluj-Napoca - BerlinMarch 2814.99 EUR
Cluj-Napoca - BariMarch 2119.99 EUR
Cluj-Napoca - Cologne-BonnMarch 2824.99 EUR
Cluj-Napoca - NurembergMarch 2114.99 EUR
Cluj-Napoca - Tel Aviv-YafoMarch 2819.99 EUR
Cluj-Napoca - Venice-TrevisoMarch 2119.99 EUR
Craiova - Barcelona11 April29.99 EUR
Craiova - BolognaMarch 2134.99 EUR
Craiova - Paris-Beauvais-Tille11 April19.99 EUR
Craiova - Cologne-BonnMarch 2114.99 EUR
Craiova - Brussels-Charleroi11 April24.99 EUR
Iasi - BariMarch 2114.99 EUR
Iasi - CataniaMarch 219.99 EUR
Iasi - LacarnaMarch 2824.99 EUR
Iasi - Tel Aviv-Yafo11 April29.99 EUR
Bucharest - AlgheroMarch 2114.99 EUR
Bucharest - EdinburghMarch 2822.99 EUR
Bucharest - PisaMarch 289.99 EUR
Bucharest - SantanderMarch 2824.99 EUR
Bucharest - SevilleMarch 2834.99 EUR
Sibiu - Karlsruhe-Baden-BadenMarch 2114.99 EUR
Sibiu - MadridMarch 2824.99 EUR
Timisoara - BariMarch 289.99 EUR
Timisoara - Venice-TrevisoMarch 2114.99 EUR
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