Flights canceled or delayed? See what rights you have and the related compensation

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Commercial aviation is growing. Hundreds of thousands of flights are operated daily. As I write this article, millions of passengers are simultaneously on airplanes, flying to their intended destinations. Millions of other passengers are in airports, waiting for boarding to new destinations. Among them you can also be the reader of

You travel for pleasure, forced by different factors or in the interest of business. They plan their trip well in advance, depending on the purpose of the trip, the destination chosen and the offers found at travel agencies or airlines. You travel alone, with your loved one or with friends.

In whatever situation you are, your journey begins with the road! For a quiet flight, we recommend a few easy steps to follow. I'm a part of your duties as a passenger.

Flights canceled or delayed?

But not everything goes perfectly. If you are an active traveler, you have certainly hit canceled, delayed or denied boarding flights. There are those unpleasant moments that can ruin a trip. Without thinking, you blamed the airline. Maybe you made the decision to change the airline operator in the hope that everything will be better. But did you even make a complaint to win your rights?


As a European air passenger, you have rights. Passengers' rights in case of refusal to board, cancellation or delayed flight have been established by Regulation 261 / 2004 of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION.

The regulation is bushy and written in a wooden language. So I try to point out the essentials.

If you are on a delayed, canceled or denied boarding trip, you may be entitled to assistance from air carriers. If your flight has delays longer than 2 hours, you are entitled to free refreshments and drinks, which is probably not new.

See what rights you have and the related compensation!

However, not all passengers know that if the flight is delayed over 3 hours or canceled, they can also request financial compensation between 250 EURO and 600 EURO:

(a) 250 EUR for all flights of 1 500 kilometers or less;
(b) 400 EUR for all intra-Community flights over 1 500 kilometers and for all
flights between 1 500? and 3 500 kilometers;
(c) 600 EUR for all flights not falling under (a) or (b).

But your rights end when the rights of the airlines start. There are some situations when airlines do not owe passengers compensation. For example, if you are informed at least two weeks before your departure that the flight has been canceled, you are not entitled to claim compensation.

If you have canceled, delayed or denied boarding, do not hesitate to book ask for rights. If you do not have the patience to read and check whether or not you are eligible for compensation, call the specialists in the field.

We spoke to Marian and Alexandra, a lawyer and former board member, who launched the site, precisely to provide assistance to passengers with such problems:

“The idea came to us this summer, while Alexandra was still working abroad. Being at a distance, we rarely saw each other, most of the time when he was racing in Europe or when he had a few days off and was flying in Romania. Well, he only came home for 2 nights. In order to save some time, he chose the return flight with a low-cost company, which flew directly to the Emirate, to get as close to the next flight that he had for the service ”, Marian tells us.

"My flight was delayed so much that I didn't arrive in time for a New York trip. Marian told me to stay quiet, to write to the company about the situation, because compensation is given for such situations. It would have been perfect, because I had already lost money because I didn't arrive on time for the job. So I wrote them an email, " Alexandra continued.

“I was shocked by the company. Although they had to pay her 400 EURO cash, they offered to pay her expenses at the airport, a coffee and a sandwich. So I replied to the email, in which I told them clearly what are the rights of a passenger and that they have 7 days to pay the compensation through the bank, otherwise we sue them. Of course, in a few days the money was in the account ”, Marian concludes.

Sometimes, no matter how European citizens we are, we need specialized legal assistance. By calling on the services of a specialized company, you no longer have to shake your head. Those notified take care to be informed properly of the canceled or delayed flight, to request the legal rights that are due to you, to make the notifications, summonses, including court actions if necessary.

Obviously, this service is not free, there is a commission that the site stops and only from the compensation received. So it is also their interest to fight for the maximum legal compensation, on the “no win - no fee” system.

  1. Andrew says

    I flew 1 year and a half ago with British Airways from Switzerland to the LHR and was notified of the cancellation of the flight 28-29 hours before (I don't even know if it was actually canceled or overbooked; tickets; they said they didn't have time to remove the offer from the schedule) and I was rescheduled for a flight the next day. Could I have asked for compensation of 250 eur / person or hotel (flight delayed by one night) and food?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Andrei, I talked to Marian!

      The answer is: "Yes, you can ask 400 € right. If the extra night was on his money and he still has receipts, he can ask for that money.

      The catch is here: if British does not willingly pay or accept any form of online arbitration, we cannot sue them in Romania because the law is prescribed in our legislation.

      But it doesn't cost anything to try! ”

      Next time to act faster! 😀

      1. Andrew says

        Thank you very much for the answer! I spoke the night of the cancellation with an acquaintance to whom the same thing happened; he received the compensation of 250 eur, but he told me that he paid a BOOKING AMOUNT that ensures the compensation in case of delay. or cancellation (flew with lufthansa). I did not purchase such a service. What could I have done, considering that it was evening when I arrived at the airport-11PM, there was no BA employee at the airport, and the newly scheduled flight was at 6 AM? To be sure I think I could still now 🙂

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