Dozens of KLM flights were operated without passengers on the evening of Saturday, June 4! See the reason!

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On the evening of June 4, dozens of KLM flights flew without passengers to Amsterdam. Unfortunately, KLM was forced to make this decision to fly without passengers from European destinations due to weather conditions and runway maintenance that took place at Schiphol International Airport.

Although further action was taken, KLM was faced with unforeseen and urgent circumstances which were beyond its control. Due to unfavorable weather conditions and runway maintenance at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, many aircraft were unable to land or take off from / from Amsterdam.

Dozens of KLM flights without passengers

Dozens of KLM flights without passengers
Dozens of KLM flights without passengers

This means that a large number of KLM flights have been delayed or even canceled. The number of passengers who could not leave Amsterdam due to these external factors was extremely high. In order to ensure the safe and functioning operations of Schiphol, KLM has decided not to carry passengers to Amsterdam. This decision was made to ensure that stranded passengers can leave Schiphol as soon as possible. At the same time, KLM will be able to operate as many flights as possible on Sunday.

"It is incredible and unfortunate that we are dealing with the reduced capacity of the track at Schiphol, due to the unfavorable wind and maintenance. Despite the fact that we intervened earlier to ensure the operation of the flights this weekend, today was another extremely difficult day for our passengers and crew. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and do our best to ensure that we can get back to viable operations as soon as possible.Rene de Groot - Chief Operating Officer KLM.

The decision to stop bringing passengers from European destinations to or through Amsterdam remained in force for the whole of Saturday. Looking at the current weather forecast, KLM hopes to be able to operate the flights as planned.

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